Major General Says New Photos Show Sexual Abuse of Abu Ghraib Prisoners

Exclusively, the Daily Telegraph says a major U.S. general has told the paper that the Abu Ghraib photos President Obama has refused to release to the public show U.S. servicemen sexually abusing prisoners. A soldier is said to be seen raping a female prisoner in one set of photos, and in another a male translator is raping a male detainee, among other acts, Daily Telegraph.

A Taliban group in Pakistan has allegedly claimed responsibility for yesterday’s suicide bombing and attack that killed almost 30 people and wounder over 300 others. The Tehrik-i-Taliban Punjab group says they are the ones who opened fire on the crowd in Lahore. All three of the attackers were killed, one shot by police and the other two killed by the explosion. This attack comes only two months after a Lahore police academy was taken over by gunmen, Sky News.

The Barcelona football club beat England’s Manchester United today 2-0 to win the European Champions League final. Manchester United fell apart after Samuel Eto’o scored in the first minute. Lionel Messi, who is a contender to win this year’s Footballer of the Year award, secured the win with a goal in the 70th minute, BBC Sport.

Astronomers have discovered a supermassive black hole that can consume the equivalent of two Earths per hour. Black holes, which are so strong that they trap light, making them invisible, are believed to be at the center of almost all galaxies, Space.

A U.S. ship that served in WWII was sunk today off the coast of Florida to create an artifical reef. The project was 13 years in the making and will hopefully allow for marine life to grow so that fish have more sources for food, AP.

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