Netanyahu Says Israel Dedicated to Peace Process

The world watched as U.S. President Obama and Israel’s P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu met for the first time since both took office. In a visit to the White House, Netanyahu was pressed on agreeing to a two state solution to help bring peace to the Middle East. The Prime Minister did not say he would support a Palestinian state, but did affirm he was devoted to the peace process, BBC News.

Sources say the Obama administration is set to announce a new law tomorrow that will require new cars to have 30% better gas mileage by 2016. The change would make the standard for cars 42mpg, MSNBC.

Mali is moruning the loss of young elephants who are dying in wells because of the lack of water. The elephants fell into the wells in search of water and, unable to crawl out, die in the hot Mali sun. Six elephants have been found dead and four have been saved, but this is a large amount when one considers only 350 to 400 elephants remain in the area, CNN.

Make sure to check out NPR’s series on how to battle global piracy here.

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