India’s Stock Market Closed Due to Euphoria

The stock market in India was closed today because it was been going up too fast. Confidence in the Indian economy has soared since the election results came in over the weekend. The Sensex index was up 17% and the rupee is at a two decade high, Bloomberg.

Sri Lanka has announced that Tamil Tiger rebel leader Velupillai Prabhakaran was killed while “trying to escape” from the war zone. The civil war, which lasted 26 years, appears to be over. Over 200,000 Tamils are living in refugee camps. The world’s hope is that relief workers and media will soon be let into the area, Christian Science Monitor.

The closed trial of Burmese democracy leader Suu Kyi has begun, Gulf News.

Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu is in Washington, DC to meet with President Obama today. Obama is expected to press Netanyahu on the two-state solution for its conflict with Palestine, CNN.

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