Over a Thousand Taliban Fighters Killed in New Offensive

Despite calling for a ceasefire, the Tamil Tigers are still under fire in Sri Lanka. The government said the fighting today would be some of the last. A EU commission will be investigating civilian deaths, which each side is blaming on the other. The ceasefire will hopefully end the long 26-year civil war finally, BBC News.

Pakistan says over 1,000 Taliban militants have been killed in the operation centered around the Swat Valley. While the country is celebrating the deaths, they are also frustrated with the civilian deaths incurred by U.S. air strikes. New reports say over 90 children died in the strike last week that killed 140 people, NPR.

A New York assistant principal has died from the H1N1 swine flu virus. Mitchell Wiener, 55, is the fifth American to die from the strain and five schools in Queens, New York have been closed in response to his death. Officials say the number of cases of swine flu are rising in New York City, NY Times.

President Obama delivered Notre Dame’s undergraduate commencement speech today amid protests from anti-abortion activists. Notre Dame, a Catholic university located in Indiana, awarded Obama an honorary degree of law. A few protesters heckled Obama during his speech, but it was mostly well received and garnered a standing ovation. 39 protesters were arrested before the speech, CNN.

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