Sri Lankan President Says Fighting to End Within 48 Hours

Sri Lanka says the military crackdown on the Tamil Tiger rebels should end in 48 hours. The Sri Lankan army has pushed the rebels, along with Tamil civilians, into a 1.5 square mile area in northern Sri Lanka along the coast. Conditions are very poor there and the only semi-legitimate reports come from doctors who have been treating the civilian victims. President Mahinda Rajapaksa says the army is expected to break through and eliminate the rebels in the next two days. The Red Cross has suspended relief efforts in the area because it is so dangerous. A Red Cross worker was killed two days ago, CNN.

The White House is expected to announce today that it will restart military tribunals for some of the detainees held captive in the Guantanamo Bay military prison. The administration says the detainees will have access to their lawyers in order to prepare a defense and that the trials will be more in keeping with U.S. due process laws than they were under the Bush administration but critics fear that secret evidence, which will not be available to either the detainees or their lawyers, will be used in the military tribunals, Christian Science Monitor.

Pakistan lifted a curfew in the Swat Valley to encourage civilians to flee the area. The Pakistani military, which is heavily engaged in conflict with Taliban rebels in the northwestern region of Pakistan, are hoping to minimize civilian casualties as fighting intensifies, Voice of America.

Europe’s recession may be reaching its low point. Growth dropped in many countries in Europe, Reuters.

Google issues apology for yesterday’s slow service, BBC News. Website to bookmark: Is it down for everyone or just me?


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4 responses to “Sri Lankan President Says Fighting to End Within 48 Hours

  1. sam perera

    From the war in Sri-lanka to the High Rise Hotels of Mumbai and Nariman House to the streets of Iraq and Israel, It has been a common trend where these Terrorist Groups hold innocent civilians as Hostages in order to cause senseless bloodshed and Murder..

    Let us not forget the beheading of British citizens in Iraq taken hostage by Terrorist. And the Murder of Journalist Daniel Pearl taken hostage by Terrorist. It is a common necessity for governments including Sri-Lanka to defeat these terrorist and never to negotiate… These Terrorist are only capable of showing picture & Videos of their own handy work.

  2. sam

    The SriLankan army is showing exactly how terrorists should be dealt with.Besides the heroic Tigers have wrapped own Tamil civilians around themselves,as one does with mattresses,to cushion their fall.The outcry from so-called human rights groups is just another attempt at saving another terrorist organization,something they do too well.And of course,one has to believe too that the valiant LTTE never know how to use a wounded-filled hospital to set up their guns? The quickest the SriLankan army eliminates this scum,the better for the hostage held

    LTTE Atrocities


  3. Malini DeSilva

    This a truly human crisis is going on in Sri Lanka. I’m very shame of my government; even I’m from the ethnic group of Sinhalese, who is obviously hiding all the truth from the world by not letting any international media in the war (safety) zone. One thing I don’t understand that why the entire world, especially UN, is so silent about the massive human crisis going on. I’ve just heard that LTTE would like to lay their weapons for their people but SL government says that they saved all the civilians from the war zone, and now only LTTE is left over. This is so ridiculous to believe my government about saying that they saved all civilians from the war zone, and LTTE only left out in the zone. This is a well planed massive crisis and the government is going to kill the rest of the Tamil civilians including the LTTE and will release the report to the world as they’ve swiped out the LTTE…..This is NOT considered as a victory, and this is not going to end. Yes there will be another chapter after this massive destroy. This is NOT end…NOT end. I’m very shame of my President Mahinda Rajapaksa. How many innocent kids & women have killed by the heavy shelling and chemical weapons?

    The UN and other foreign countries should take an immediate action to save those innocent Tamil civilians who are left out in the war zone by urging my government to stop the war immediately and let the helping aid workers to save the wounded people right away.

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