Update: UGA Shooter George Zinkhan on America’s Most Wanted

On April 25, 2009, Citizen’s Daily Brief brought you live coverage of the tragic shooting at Athens Community Theatre in Athens, Georgia. It was quickly revealed that the shooter was University of Georgia marketing professor George Zinkhan who opened fire on his wife and two others during a fundraising event for the local theater troupe, the Town and Gown Players.

Zinkhan has not been seen since he dropped his two children off at a neighbor’s immediately after the shooting. Zinkhan is featured on the website for the television show “America’s Most Wanted.” Zinkhan had a plane ticket to Amsterdam where he has a second home, but he has not used his passport or credit cards since the shooting and officials believe him to be still in the US. He will be featured on America’s Most Wanted May 16th broadcast.

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