Israel Tries to Save the Sea of Galilee

An attack at a wedding ceremony in Turkey’s Mardin province killed at least 45, six of them children, today. Grenades and automatic weapons were used in the attack, but the mayor of Mardin has said the attack does not appear to be terr0r-related. Some reports say it was the families of the bride and groom that were fighting, BBC News.

A Pakistani spoke to the New York Times about the troop surge in Afghanistan and the Taliban’s new strategy. The source told the Times that the terrorist group were planning to move in and out of Pakistan, counting on the fact that troops can not reach them in Afghanistan’s neighboring country, NY Times.

The Boston Globe is still alive after the newspaper’s owner extending talks with unions to save one of the U.S.’s top papers. The Globe’s owner, the New York Times, says it will shut down the paper if agreements are not reached to lower salaries and pensions, BBC News.

The Israeli government has issued an emergency in order to help save the Sea of Galilee, a place where Christians believe Jesus performed miracles such as walking on water. The body of water is in an environmental disaster as mismanagement and drought has killed most wildlife, Sky News.

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