Update: Driver Charged in Dutch Royal Family Attempted Attack

Dutch police has officially charged the man who drove a car into a parade route, killing four and narrowly missing a bus carrying the Dutch royal family in a parade celebrating Queen Beatrix’s birthday in the town of Apeldoorn. The driver was severely injured and is in hospital. Officials have not released the driver’s name but have said he is a 38 year-old white male who has no history of mental illness and is a Dutch national. The attack was deliberate, but not an act of terrorism, Associated Press. There has been speculation that the man was estranged from his children but I have seen no official or even trustworthy unofficial reports to back that up. RTL reports that the man had lost his job.  See Citizen’s Daily Brief’s earlier updates for more information about the attack.


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5 responses to “Update: Driver Charged in Dutch Royal Family Attempted Attack

  1. iowan

    My heart goes out to the Dutch people, unfortunately these senseless acts seem to be the norm these days

  2. Betsy


    I agree. It is such a tragedy. I keep following stories like this trying to find a common thread or cause but most of the time we never hear what exactly caused the person to do what they did.

  3. aafke


    netherlands responding.
    death nr 5 has just been called on the news, and the driver is supposvly brain dead…the flags are lowerd or taken away…really weird sighting on queens day.

    for these kinds of persons I think it is a suicide mission and death is to easy.lock em up with all their sick thoughts in isolation…he got his wish…and I think it is sad that w as dutch people don’t have death penalty anymore>speciallly on clear cases, thugh with death being to easy way out….let them suffer like their family’s suffer from their crime…it is the only right thing…

  4. Betsy

    Thanks for the update aafke. Our thoughts are with everyone in the Netherlands today.

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