Breaking: Attacker Kills 4 at Queen’s Day Celebrations

What we know: At a celebration for the royal family in Apeldoorn, Netherlands, a car crashed into the crowd, with the royal family in view. We do not know at this time if the driver was intending to hit the royal family or not. NOS confirmed 4 have been killed, and at least 13 injured.


BreakingNews: “Dutch officials say at least 4 dead, 5 critically injured and 8 others with moderate injuries after car plows into Apeldoorn crowd.”

EvertB: “RT @jaspio: 2 policeman injured, 1 seriously”

verkoren: “suspect was no longer allowed to see his children after a divorce. Probably the motive”

adb44: “#queensday #koninginnedag #k09 Wife of Apeldoorn football club WSV was killed in crash (RT @mennodijk)”


You can see a Youtube video of the crash (no one getting hit is shown, just the car crashing into a monument and the aftermath) here. RTL has raw footage from the crash and this footage is very disturbing, victims are shown. Please really think if you want to see it, it’s incredibly devastating.

Photo of the crash. Warning: disturbing, click at your own risk. A BBC eyewitness report can be heard here.

Here is a picture of the driver after crash. It is a disturbing (bloody) image.


The driver was injured and has been been arrested, although he is in surgery right now and will be questioned after. He has been charged with attempting to attack the royal family. Several news agencies are now also saying that the driver confessed to crashing on purpose.

The death toll has risen to 4. 5 others are critically injured, 13 injured total.

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