Death Toll from Swine Flu Reaches 70; Another Case in Texas

Another swine flu case in the U.S., bringing total known cases to eight. A family in Texas is in quarantine after their teenage son contracted swine flu. Much of Mexico City remains closed this weekend as soldiers and police pass out surgical masks, CNN. The death toll from the flu in Mexico has reached 70, Telegraph. CDC Video podcast: protect yourself from swine flu.

Craigslist founder Craig Newkirk says he won’t close the “erotic” section on Craigslist despite its recent use by Philip Markoff, whom the media has dubbed the “Craigslist Killer” to meet women that he allegedly murdered, USA Today. Markoff’s family visited him in jail where he tells him to “forget about me,” according to sources, Boston Herald. Police have said Markoff’s  fingerprints were found at two of the crime scenes and the gun found in his apartment is an initial forensic match, CBS News.

Roxana Saberi, a reporter who is a dual U.S.-Iranian citizen, who has been convicted in Iran on charges of spying for the US is now on a hunger strike, according to her father, BBC News.


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5 responses to “Death Toll from Swine Flu Reaches 70; Another Case in Texas

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  2. tdh2007

    good luck i like your blog very good

  3. Nomad

    if the Swine Flu is anything like the other scares and outbreaks in the US, it shouldn’t amount to much (I’m hoping anyway)

  4. Betsy

    Nomad, I certainly hope so! it is nice to see everyone taking this seriously yet not freaking outt oo much about it.

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