Another Family Murder-Suicide in the U.S.

A man has killed his family as well as himself today in Middlewood, Maryland. 34-year-old Christopher Wood murdered his wife, two sons, ages 4 and 5, and 2-year-old daughter with a gun and, police suspect, a knife. This is a growing trend in America with several reported cases of family murder-suicides this year alone, CNN.

President Obama has spoken out against the 8-year sentence given by Iran to an American journalist. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said the president “is deeply disappointed at this news.” The U.S. is working with Swiss diplomats in Iran, as they lack ties in the country, to get information on the case, NPR.

Houston, Texas is experiencing massive flooding and 5 children are missing after a car was swept away in a flash flood, MyFox Houston. Officials estimate millions of dollars of damage already and say flooding is worse than the disastrous 1994 floods, WTVY.

The U.S. will boycott a United Nations racism meeting because the language in the meeting’s final document could be seen as criticism of Israel. The U.S. is also concerned that the text could lead to restrictions of free speech for Israel, MSNBC.

In some good news, 10-year-old Damon Weaver, made famous after interviews with Vice President Joe Biden and NBA star Dwanye Wade, has been offered a full college scholarship by Albany State University in Georgia after he completes high school. Weaver also had a heartbreaking segment featured on 20/20 where he talked about gun violence in his hometown (watch the video here, 21 minute mark). The aspiring jounalist and Florida native plans to accept the offer, WPBF.


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7 responses to “Another Family Murder-Suicide in the U.S.

  1. Floyd

    When a man loses everything in our so called top notch nit society then they look for ways to see their family stay together due to not having money for food, housing, etc. In comes the social workers, those little stinging bees, telling the woman to get rid of the man or we will take your kids and give them to a foster home where they can be taken care of right. Well, my friends, death is better than that answer! Now you know, so don’t wonder about why people kill their whole family. They stay together then and know at least their wives, husbands, and children are not being abused by this shit government.

  2. John

    An All-American Dish–A Recipe for Disaster:

    1) Start with few, if any, social safety nets.

    2) Add toxic food, toxic water, toxic air, toxic culture.

    3) Stir in a strong, cosmetic dose of American “family values.”

    4) Add a few guns. Don’t worry: one will do the job.

    5) Thank the NRA for the disaster we are about to receive.

  3. Carole Clarke

    I moved out of the District of Columbia to get away from crime and found a little house in the ‘burbs at the end of the subway line. But crime has followed me on the subway and I was contemplating a move to this very town, Middleton or to nearby Myersville, which I passed through on a trip to Erie PA. It’s beautiful up there, till now. Don’t know if this guy’s meds affected his judgement but there can’t be any justification for killing your own children, can there? “I couldn’t make them happy so I killed them.” This has to be insanity – what sane man would kill his children? What did people do when they got depressed and unhappy before all these pills? Down deep you have to believe in basic truths. That the sun will come up as it always has, that the leaves will return in the spring and that the darkness does NOT last forever. I spent years in depression, without medication. But even at the worst, I still believed that there would be a chance for me the next day or the day after and it would be all right. I would leave the unhappiness behind. And I did, I got the help I needed and have been normal the last 7 years. Suicide is giving up and I refused to do that – the evil could not be allowed to win. This man surrendered to evil and took his entire family with him. HOW DARE HE.

  4. Betsy

    Carole, I just moved from Baltimore so I know how you feel. This truly shows that it can happen anywhere. Thank you for not giving up!

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