Live Post: Tea Parties in the United States

Today, on the U.S. tax deadline, right-wing protesters have organized tea parties to protest the Obama administration’s wish to raise taxes on those who make over $250,000 a year. Fox News is sending 4 of their anchors to tea parties in different cities, including Atlanta, where your editor will be only 60 miles from Sean Hannity (blergh). Here’s the AJC’s article on today’s events.

Leading liberals have commented on the right’s movement of sending tea bags to politicians, including President Obama, and have hilariously labeled them “teabaggers,” but I don’t think most Republicans understand why that’s so funny (this is why Urban Dictionary was created).

I don’t know, here are some articles that can hopefully help us make sense of this:

Huff Po: CNN Reporter Battles Tea Partiers (VIDEO).

Huff Po: Slideshow of Tea Party Protests, includes Obama as Urkel. I don’t know why that’s an insult, I love Urkel.

Business and Media: Santelli, who helped start the movement, reacts to today’s tea parties.

Eric Platham: Pictures from the tea parties.

WVXU: Cincinnati Tea Party Draws Thousands.

CNN: Nationwide ‘Tea Party’ Protests Blast Bailouts.


7:00pm EDT: OMG HANNITY ISN’T ON UNTIL 9. FML. Alright, we’re going dark and may be back at 9, I don’t know, Lost is on then and it’s my life, so probably not. Thanks for reading!

6:55pm EDT: Ugh, just kidding, I’m back because apparently tcot is now boycotting CNN because a reporter went off on a “protester” or something. Like any of them watch CNN anyway.

6:53pm EDT: Oops, I forgot I was liveblogging. I’ll take a break until 7 (a 6 minute break…) and start again when the fireworks start, aka Hannity live in the ATL!

6:44pm EDT: Good point, MSNBC: If Texas secedes, what about when they have a hurricane and need government support, or to protect the border? There are issues bigger than one state that we need each other for.

6:41pm EDT: Oh, even more lovely.

6:40pm EDT: This is just lovely. Republican strategist on MSNBC is trying to say this is a populist movement including all parties. Does anyone know any liberals at any of these protests? I heard about them on Fox News, but I think they’re as mythical as Big Foot or leprechauns.

6:29pm EDT: OMG FROM BNO: “Gov. Rick Perry in an “anti-tax tea party” suggested Texans might at some point get so fed up they would want to secede from the union.”

6:26pm EDT: Ugh, Fox News go back to live teabagging please.

From Twitter: “RT @hr1207 Wondering where all these #teaparty people and their #media followers were when #RonPaul had a chance to fix the problem.”

I love Ron Paul lovers and miss them terribly. I’m even starting to miss Palin interviews. I am so ready for 2010 Senate races.

6:18pm EDT: Congressman van Hollen from Maryland says the only one benefiting from today is tea companies, lol.

6:15pm EDT: Twitpic from Atlanta tea party, the home state of your fabulous editor.

6:09pm EDT: I can’t believe people are still claiming Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii.

6:04pm EDT: If you’re wondering why I just linked to an article about a tea party in Ohio, I’m not sure either.

6:02pm EDT: BRB DYING. mikememoli: “A confused Queen Elizabeth II relented and has agreed to repeal the Stamp Act”

5:58pm EDT: I don’t understand why Pat Gray is so concerned about the deficit now, but wasn’t at all during the Bush administration.

Wait, the tea party doesn’t even start for another hour?! Are they literally going to drink tea then?

5:53pm EDT: The fuck? Beck says only 53% of Americans think capitalism is better than socialism. Somehow, I don’t believe those numbers. Oh God, Penn is now talking about Atlas Shrugged.

5:52pm EDT: Glenn Beck wants a third party and he wants it now! Might want to build up the Republicans again, first. LOL Penn just criticized Glenn saying the best place for a party is at the Alamo instead of BOSTON.

5:50pm EDT: Here’s some lovely footage out of Chicago (I think):

5:46pm EDT: I just wanted to take a moment from our regularly scheduled bitching to remember the Hillsborough disaster. Betsy mentioned it in the Morning Edition, so go there for links, but it’s still tough to think that so many people lost their lives at a place to cheer on the team they loved most.

5:45pm EDT: This man says he’s the most nonviolent man you’ll ever meet. LOL.

5:44pm EDT: Shut the fuck up, Beck. Pardon my French.

5:43pm EDT: A man with a Jeff Gordon hat is on Fox, his opinion is invalid. I only listen to Jr. fans. OH GOD he’s telling the story of when he shot some burglars. Beck is advocating putting guns in all houses.

5:39pm EDT: Oh.

5:37pm EDT: I feel like this liveblog is more a criticism of the craziness that is Glenn Beck, but I can’t help my feelings. It’s over 70 degrees in Georgia right now, I could be swimming at my pool, but instead I’ve watched 38 minutes of Glenn Beck that I will never get back.

5:36pm EDT: She is wearing the ugliest dress ever.

5:34pm EDT: I’ve seen a lot of right-wingers saying lefties are jealous because they couldn’t pull off a protest like this. Well, they got Obama elected, so I think they’re good. OMG THE MOM OF THE NEW QUARTERBACK ON FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS IS NOW ON.


5:32pm EDT: Ha, Beck said he “wanted to do some wounded veterans who are here.” I don’t know how I’m supposed to not laugh at that after all the teabagging talk. Penn from Penn & Teller is now being interviewed. God, this network is hilarious.

5:19pm EDT: I am so giddy y’all about live Hannity coverage from Atlanta! Nugent, you are no Hendrix.

5:27pm EDT: LOL, teabaggers not allowed to throw teabags at the White House and are stuck with all those leftover teabags.

5:24pm EDT: Beck says the Alamo is the best place for a tea party … not D.C., where they are taxed without representation?

5:22pm EDT: A woman is talking about the Alamo, but she doesn’t have a mic and I have the ears of an 80-year-old, so I can’t hear her educating us.

5:21pm EDT: That’s enough, Ted Nugent.

5:18pm EDT: Glenn Beck is about to explain to us the history of the Alamo. I can’t wait.

5:17pm EDT: Fox News seems to really think these protests are akin to the Boston Tea Party.

5:15pm EDT: Glenn Beck says he’s never seen a time in our country before like this and we haven’t gotten the change we asked for last November. Obama hasn’t even been in office 3 months. Beck just said the word California and the crowd booed.

5:09pm EDT: Added a new link above of pictures from across the country of the protests. A man says people need to “educate themselves and not watch the mainstream news” including Fox News. Ha! Although just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean they aren’t educated. Or if they are educated that they aren’t still a dumbass.

5:08pm EDT: Beck just called Ted Nugent sexy. The crowd is confused.

5:05pm EDT: How can anyone take Glenn Beck seriously? He’s an actor.

OH MY GOD HE’S AT THE ALAMO. Well played, sir.

5:03pm EDT: OH NO YOU DIDN’T, BECK! He just basically called Stephen Colbert retarded. Do YOU have a treadmill named after you in space, Glenn Beck, DO YOU?!

5:01pm EDT: Oh God, Glenn Beck hour is on. The things I do for you people. The Department of Homeland Security just got booed by the crowd …

He just criticized the media. HE IS THE MEDIA.

5:00pm EDT: OMG Neil just cried about how a White House economic adviser was supposed to interview with him on Fox News, but is on MSNBC now instead, and sarcastically said it must be a scheduling error. IT’S GONNA BE A WHATTT? GIRL FIGHT!

4:58pm EDT: Wait, people in Maryland don’t like Governor O’Malley? But he had a Wire character based on him!

4:54pm EDT: I should have gone to the tea party here today, but European soccer was actually being shown in the U.S. and that’s more rare, so you see where my priorities are.

4:49pm EDT: Twitpic from infidelsarecool of the party in Santa Ana. I didn’t know TEA was an acronym. I’m a bad reporter, but in my defense I’ve been covering the civil war in Sri Lanka and Bo the First Dog instead.

4:47pm EDT: If you’re wondering why I’m only covering Fox News’ coverage, it’s because it’s the only network covering it.

4:44pm EDT: OMG Neil just said “a busload of Hollywood heavyweights” came to the tea party in Cali. And now… an interview with Cliff from Cheers. Does he not realize there are no Republican Hollywood heavyweights? It’s not in vogue!

4:43pm EDT: Fox is showing a commercial with Vince, the Sham Wow guy. You’d think all networks would not show his commercials since he beat up a hooker.

4:39pm EDT: Neil Cavuto just blamed right-wing rage on Michelle Malkin to her face. LOL FOREVER.

4:36pm EDT: OMG LIVE BLOG! Fox Facts: California has a 10.3% tax on those who make more than $1 million a year. ONE MILLION. I think they’ll be okay, Fox. Michelle Malkin is on and talking about the people at her tea party are the most informed in America.

So, what the hell does this have to do with the Boston Tea Party? Here are my reservations about this tea party: 1. they just gave the government money when they paid for all that tea, and 2. the Boston Tea Party was in reference to the Tea Act, making the act sensible. Plus, D.C. literally is taxed without representation, so shouldn’t that be the main protest instead?

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