Afghan Women March for Their Freedom

China’s GDP growth fell 6.1 percent in the first quarter of 2009, according to the National Bureau of Statistics. China, which is holding much of the U.S.’s debt, has had double-digit growth from 2003 to 2008 and grew 9 percent last year, BBC News.

Anti-tax protests were the talk of the nation today as thousands attending “tea parties” in their cities to protests wasteful government spending and Obama administration policies, Wa Po. Check out our live post below for more information.

In Afghanistan, women there protested a new law that deems men raping there wives legal. The 300 women who marched were met by counter-protesters, Afghan men, who shouted slurs at them and hit them with rocks. The law also has other provisions such as wives having to have permission from husbands to work outside of their home or go to school, NY Times.

Follow BBC News’s live coverage of the vote in India here. We’ll follow it all month long until the results are announced on May 16th.


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2 responses to “Afghan Women March for Their Freedom

  1. tina

    What was probably the icing on the cake for the tea parties was when Rick Perry, Texas’ governor stated that Texas can secede from the union. That will draw a lot of attention but more importantly it sends the message that these movements are serious for such strong words to be used. While the media will say they Texas does not have the right to do this outright (there are some court cases which agree, there are certain paths they can take to get this goal).

    While they do not have the right to do this outright, there are certain paths they can take to get this goal. Come on, you know this is possible because this is the same country which gives exceptions to tax cheats through cleaver legal

    Really it is just using the legal system creatively.

    Texas probably has the best chance at success. Here is just one way how it can work. The annexation agreement made when Texas joined the union provided that Texas would be able to divide into 5 states. This would create 8 more conservative Senators.

    If Texas were to try to divide and be rebuffed, the US would be in violation of the agreement and Texas should be able to go free.

    It is not all that far fetched.

    Regardless of the TX situation, the movement was larger than expected. And it is just a start because the thing about grass roots is that it will only take hold, grow and spread.

    Some pics here:

  2. Yeah, I don’t think it will ever happen. Texas needs the U.S. for when they get hit by the next hurricane, they need the U.S. to help secure the border (especially now because of the intensity of the drug war in Mexico), they need the U.S for a lot. Now, states can do a lot by themselves, but I think they stand too lose to much if they ever actually seceded. But, we’ll be see, and I’ll be watching that blog for updates.

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