The FDOTUS is Revealed to the Public

The First Dog the United States, Bo, has been introduced by the Obama family to the public. Bo is a sixth-month-old Portuguese water dog and the subject of much discussion in America since Obama announced the family would be bringing a dog to the White House on election night, MSNBC.

After Somali pirates declared revenge on the killings of the 3 pirates by U.S. Navy SEALS, 4 boats have been hijacked in less than 48 hours. Two Egyptian boats have been taken, as well as Greek and a Lebanese ships. Pirate attacks are expected to rise as the attackers get more ransom money and better technology and boats, BBC News.

North Korea has vowed to expel all UN nuclear inspectors from the country in light of condemnations from world powers over this month’s rocket launch. The country says the launch was peaceful and a test, but the U.S. is afraid the knowledge from such tests could aid North Korea in building nuclear weapons, Sky News.

In a hope to save dying coral reefs, divers in Japan have begun a project to transplant coral to save the reefs. Off Japan’s island, 90 percent of the coral around Okinawa’s islands has died off, NY Times.

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