North Korea Ends Nuclear Talks- Restarts Nuclear Program

Following the condemnation of North Korea’s launch of a ballistic missile earlier this  month by the UN Security Council, North Korea has cut off its involvement in international talks concerning its nuclear program. North Korea has restarted a nuclear reactor and has vowed to never engage in nuclear negotiations again, Fox News.

1 Canadian soldier killed and 4 Canadian soldiers injured in roadside bomb in Afghanistan, CNN International.

Redshirt protests end in Bangkok after military and police surround protesters. 2 died in the protests and at least 120 were injured, Bangkok Post.

Music producer Phil Spector is found guilty in the 2003 murder of an actress in Los Angeles, NME.

Children in Peru die in the collapse of a foot bridge in the Andes, Time.

Amazon apologizes for delisting of books by gay authors. A hacker has claimed credit, PC World.

Iranian journalist on trial in Iran accused of spying for the US, Bloomberg.

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