Amazon Fail?

We noticed an interesting trending topic on Twitter today called #amazonfail. From what we can gather, Amazon has taken down the sales rankings and disabled some searches for certain gay and lesbian books as well as feminist literature because they were deemed as “adult.” However, Playboy literature and the likes have not been affected. This is developing, so we’ll update as we can, but here are some resources:

Twitter #amazonfail.

Mark Probst blog entry with Amazon response.

Meta Writer blog entry with a list of books that have been affected.

An open letter from Book Square, which serves as a great recap.

Link to a petition of Amazon’s policy.

Smart Bitches Trashy Books has a hilarious definition of “Amazon Rank.”

Jezebel article on Amazon Fail.

For everyone interested, Powell’s Books is planning a LGBT book sale in response. Watch their Twitter here.

This is interesting: Searching for “homosexuality” on, the top results are books on how to prevent homosexuality. Try it yourself.

Update: Amazon responds to Publishers Weekly, calls the deranking of certain books a “glitch.” The site is getting heavy traffic and may not load right away or at all, so here’s a screencap via Cleolinda.

Article from Lilith Saintcrow on why this is not a glitch.


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