Sunday School Teacher Arrested for Killing Girl

A Sunday school teacher has been arrested for the death of an eight-year-old California girl. The woman, Melissa Huckaby, has a daughter who played with the girl, Sandra Cantu, and owned the suitcase Cantu was found in, which Hucakby had reported missing, Sky News.

The British Medical Journal says China has 32 million more boys under the age of 20 than girls because of the strict one-child per family policy. The desire to have a son instead of a daughter has caused many couples to abort female fetuses and there have been many occurrences over the years of parents abandoning daughters. The study finds that the trend is rising, and the problem will likely worsen in future generations, NY Times.

The Maersk Alabama, the American ship hijacked by pirates days ago, has reached a Kenyan port, but without their captain. Captain Richard Phillips is still being held for ransom by Somali pirates, MSNBC. Pirates have also hijacked another ship, a tugboat named that is carrying 16 crew members, 10 of which are Italian, BBC News.

Amid calls from protesters, the Central Election Commission in Moldova has certified that the Communist party did win the latest parliamentary election. Three members did concede that the results were flawed, however, and that some people who appeared to have voted were in fact dead during the election or had moved out of the country, United Press International.

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