Mother Nature Takes Its Toll on the Southeastern U.S.

Thai protesters are celebrating after having postponed a summit that was to bring together China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. The protesters, rallying against the current Thai government, reached the doors of the summit by breaking through a police cordon. Estimates of protesters has reached over 10,000 and there are reports of fighting between pro and anti-government groups, BBC News.

Protests also turned violent across the world at the New School in New York City. Students protesting the controversial president of the school took over the cafeteria this morning and in the end 22 people were arrested. Controversy has arisen about the police response, however, as amateur video shows students being beaten and pepper sprayed by police, NY Times. The video has been posted on our site here.

Severe weather has killed two people in the Southeastern U.S. state of Tennessee, and at least 41 are injured. 3 people were killed yesterday in Arkansas by a tornado there, CNN. Tornadoes were reported to have touched down in at least 3 Georgia counties tonight as well, AJC.

Simon Ellis-Jones of Sky News remembers the Hillsborough disaster, which will reach its twenty year anniversary on the 15th. On that day, 96 people in Sheffield, England were crushed to death at a Liverpool football match, Sky News.

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