Workers Continue to Search for Survivors in L’Aquila

The death toll from last night’s earthquake in central Italy has risen to over 150 people and workers are still searching through the rubble for survivors. 60 people have been rescued so far, BBC News.

U.S. officials say a serious plot to assassinate President Obama in Turkey has been foiled. Details are scarce, but a Syrian man was arrested last week in connection with the plot, CNN.

Somalian pirates have hijacked 3 ships in the last 2 days, including a Taiwanese war ship. The other two ships were from Yemen and Great Britain. According to analysts, these hijacks further suggest that the pirates are now targeting war ships farther out from the African coast, MSNBC.

On Monday, senior administration officials told the New York Times that the United States will engage in more drone attacks in Pakistan. These attacks have caused much uproar in the Asian country and the Taliban has retailated against them. A Taliban leader claimed that last month’s attack on a Lahore police academy was in response to the drone attacks. Leaders have also threatened two suicide bombings a week if the attacks continue, NY Times.

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