Worldwide Outrage at New Afghan Law Restricting Rights of Shia Women

New legislation, quietly passed last month, will restrict rights for Shia women living in Afghanistan. The legislation, officially called the “Shia Personal Status Law,” puts the legal age of marriage at 16, specifies that husbands have a right to intercourse every four days, and restricts the movement of women outside the home without their husband’s consent. A provision in the Afghan constitution allows Shia’s in Afghanistan, about 15% of the population, to employ Sharia, or family, law which follows religious traditions. The law, which has been approved by Parliament and signed by President Hamid Karzai but has not yet gone into effect, is widely seen as an attempt by Karzai to gain Shia support in the upcoming presidential election, Guardian.

Markets rally on opening of G20 summit in London. Stock markets in Toyko, Hong Kong, London, Paris and New York all posted gains yesterday.

G20 summit issues: Germany and France pushing for increased regulation on tax havens. Final agreement of actions to be taken expected this afternoon, BBC News.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper misses official G20 summit group photo, CBC.

U.S. marshals seize Florida mansion and yacht belonging to convicted Ponzi scheme swindler Bernie Madoff, CNN.

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