Live Post Part III: G20

Day 2 of our G20 coverage. Read our live blog for pictures, news updates, video, and more.

  1. Twitters: Last Hours. | Paul Lewis. | Sky News. | Alex Watts.
  2. The Guardian live coverage of the summit.
  3. BBC live map of summit events. | Live blog.
  4. A look at Obama’s schedule for today.
  5. Current’s coverage with videos and pictures.
  6. Raerth’s great videos of both days of protests.

Quick Note: The Southeast U.S. is having heavy storms and tornadoes and I’m smack in the middle of it, so I apologize ahead of time if my coverage is interrupted.


11:46am EDT: Alright I have given 36 hours of my life to this and need a break, so our coverage is ending. Plus, Jurassic Park is on. Thanks for reading!

11:43am EDT: From The Guardian: “Don’t fancy the Canadian prime minster Stephen Harper’s chances of re-election much after his ill-timed toilet break, if the tone of those commenting at the Globe and Mail is anything to go by:

Dave Leggit from Montreal, Canada, Canada writes:

Thanks Mr. Harper, for humiliating Canadians all over the world by your actions, or lack of. Very classy fella you are Sir.”

OMG get over it.

11:41am EDT: Almost all the protesters have left outside the Bank of England. The youth movement marched to the Excel center just as the world leaders were leaving, but it was a peaceful march. I think most of the chaos, little compared to yesterday, is over.

11:38am EDT: Alright, Brown out. The big headline is that one trillion dollars will be given to the IMF and the World Bank from the G20 countries.

11:36am EDT: Brown keeps saying “how pleased [he is that] you’ve asked that question” to every reporter. I find it cute. After 8 years of George Bush, I find anyone who can talk coherently cute.

11:33am EDT: An Irish man asks what does this all mean for regular people? Finally a question I understand. Brown says it instills confidence in banks, “shows that we are investing our resources to create jobs,” and creates chances for creating businesses, or something.

11:29am EDT: The BBC’s Kristina Block says: “Sarkozy started his press conference at exactly the same time as Brown and as the walls between the briefing rooms are temporary and rather thin you can hear Sarkozy talking next door throughout Brown’s presser.” And yet, Sarkozy just went on about how thrilled he was with the outcome.

11:26am EDT: Brown just referenced the Marshall Plan. I don’t think this was a wise move.

11:24am EDT: Whoaaaa, Al Jazeera English! The reporter points out how deceit ruined the world economy and asks Brown if he’s lying about how many countries are in agreement about the G20’s plans. Brown is like “Why would I lie to you? And why would I tell you if I was lying to you?”

11:23am EDT: A Chinese reporter asks about the depreciating dollar and the possibility of a depreciating euro. Brown dismisses the idea of an international currency for reserves.

11:19am EDT: The WTO told the G20 to stop adding protectionist measures to international trade.

11:15am EDT: The Guardian has saved me: “Brown sets out the six pledges as follows:
1. Reform the banking system
2. Clean up banks
3. Do what it takes to restore global growth (that’s where the $1tr comes in)
4. Action on global poverty
5. Kick start international trade
6. Seek agreement on post 2012 climate change plan”

Oh, and Sarkozy held a press conference at the exact same time as Brown. LOL.

11:14am EDT: Speaking as an ignorant American, I’m impressed with Brown. He’s cool, calm, and collected. Or calm, cool, and collected, I don’t know which. Reporter asks about China’s contribution to IMF, Brown says EU contributed $100 billion, I didn’t catch how much China contributed, but I think it was more. I should not go in to reporting.

11:11am EDT: “We’re allllll in this togetherrrr!” sings Brown, Zac Efron style.

11:09am EDT: “People working together at their best.” He’s stressing international cooperation a lot. Oooh Q&A time. OH CNN BREAKS AWAY, THANKS.

11:08am EDT: OMG green jobs! Thank God the environment is finally mentioned. Brown basically says they’ll talk about it at the UN conference in Copenhagen in December.

11:04am EDT: Brown says the G20 will triple resources to International Monetary Fund (IMF) to help developing countries.

The G20 will spend $5 trillion on the economy by the end of 2010.

11:03am EDT: I know I’m an awful live blogger, but I’ve been zoning out of his speech, I’ll start actually paying attention.

11:00am EDT: Brown is speaking right now. Link to feed above at the BBC link.

10:49am EDT: From the police’s statement on Ian Tomlinson, the man who died yesterday at the protests, it sounds like he was just walking home from work and not involved. So awful. The statement:

“City of London Police is investigating the sudden death of a man who was found collapsed near Cornhill, EC3 on April 1st 2009.

“Ian Tomlinson, a City resident, aged 47, was on his way home from work at a newsagent’s when he died.

“Mr Tomlinson’s family issued a statement: “Ian came from a large, loving family and he will sadly missed by us all. The police are keeping us informed of any developments”.

“A post mortem is to be held this afternoon to establish cause of death.

“As the man was found in close vicinity to the G20 protest at Bank Junction, the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and City of London Police has referred the matter to The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

“When all the available information has been assessed, the IPCC will make a decision about the level of involvement it needs to have in progressing the investigation into this case.”

10:43am EDT: Any news about any climate talks out of the G20? I’ve only heard economic talk.

10:40am EDT: Twitter update from Paul Lewis: “Police say dead man ian tomlinson, 47, who was on his way home from work in a newsagents when he collapsed.”

10:35am EDT: Does the BBC love Bob Geldof or what?!

10:29am EDT: TinyURL obviously hates me even though I’ve never even done anything to it.

I’m ready for a news conference or info on anything other than protests. And now CNN is showing a segment on the protests that I have literally seen 7 times.

10:24am EDT: The Independent Police Complaints Commission are investigating the death of the protester last night.

10:21am EDT: Will it ever end? Paul Lewis updates his twitter with: “People and planet student network planning demos at RBS AGM in edinburgh tomorrow, and another at the london office”

10:17am EDT: Here’s a message from the people of Ghana to the G20.

10:14am EDT: Okay, the Gordon Brown press conference will take place in about 20 minutes instead of in a few hours, as was scheduled. They must have gotten through everything very easily.

Also, the Dow is up over 200 points so far. Yay!

10:09am EDT: From Alex, who is becoming invaluable: “G20 Protesters say unarmed woman was beaten by police with baton before being detained.” Reports are saying the scene is now calm.

10:06am EDT: Time article: What if the G-20 Summit Works?

10:00am EDT: More updated numbers – 101 have been arrested total (we hear 4 have been detained at the Bank of England, but whatever is happening there, those numbers are not included), 86 yesterday and 15 so far today. With what has been going on in the last half hour, that number is all but guaranteed to rise.

9:59am EDT: From The Guardian’s live blog: “It’s getting nasty again around the Bank of England. Police horses are pushing the crowd back. More kettling, Matthew Weaver fears.”

9:55am EDT: Video from ‘raerth,’ who we linked to yesterday, of police moving in on protesters at the Bank of England:

9:51am EDT: Guardian article on the G20’s plan to put a trillion dollars into the world economy.

9:48am EDT: Here’s a video of what happened at the Climate Camp last night:

9:44am EDT: BREAKING: Here we go again. From Alex: “G20 Police form cordon round 500 protesters at BOE, and refuse to let anyone leave. Threadneedle street and Cornhill closed off. Violence erupts.” This was right after the protesters stood silent for the man who died yesterday.

9:41am EDT: Linking to Current’s coverage of the protests which has some great video. I also want to direct you to parts 1 and 2 of our live coverage which has a plethora of good stuff.

9:39am EDT: OMG, the CNN weather girl is wearing a bright orange blazer and matching skirt. Not a pretty sight.

9:36am EDT: Well, most of the coverage today is on the protests rather from the summit, but it appears that that’s because there’s no drama at the summit. Things seem to be going swimmingly and Gordon Brown may hold his press conference earlier than planned, which is a great sign.

9:34am EDT: The Guardian says lots of Ethiopians out protesting today and CNN footage seems to confirm this. I’ll update if I find out more because I’m intrigued.

9:33am EDT: BBC News update on protester’s death yesterday: “A witness to Wednesday’s incident in the City when a man died says: I saw him collapse and smash his head and then he was lying there with his eyes wide open. And then a guy in the audience had a megaphone and shouted “police, we need a medic”, and within seconds the police had a team of eight people ran forward. And yeah, there was a couple of people throwing bottles and bricks but there was a few other anarchists saying “no, stop this, time out, time out”. So within seconds there were no more missiles so the police were with him for a good like two or three minutes before they dragged him back. But as they were dragging him back, then the missiles began.”

9:29am EDT: If anyone’s interested, here’s a look at Obama’s schedule for today. I’m replacing the stream link above with this because I seriously think that stream is just to look at bloggers. Which I’m sure some people really care about, but not me.

9:25am EDT: I’ve added a link to a live video stream above, courtesy of Switch New Media, but as of right now it’s just showing a lot of people busy on their computers, just like me. I think that’s it’s purpose so… have fun with that.

Edit: Here’s the link.

9:21am EDT: Sky is on a roll – 4 protesters have requested medical attention outside of the Earl St. building.

Okay, let me just say: yesterday I was bitching about how much better Twitter coverage was over newspapers, but now that reporters are actually utilizing Twitter and updating it frequently, it’s working quite nicely. Take notes, American media.

9:19am EDT: Sky News reports there were around 70 people at the Appold St. squat. I’m assuming they’ll be detained like the other squatters, but no reports of that so far.

9:18am EDT: Alex Watts posts a picture of the scene on Cornhill. Take a look at his other pictures, too.

9:11am EDT: Following a new Twitter, alexwatts, who says: “G20 Protesters say man was chased by police dogs and fell and hit his dead, then collapsed and died minutes later.” Just so there’s no confusion, this is in reference to the man who died yesterday.

9:07am EDT: Here’s a website for the group that was squatting on Rampart. The Guardian has reported people were seen walking out of the building with head injuries. Something is going on at Appold St., will update when we have actual information. Sky News is saying no one has been arrested so far and it seems peaceful.

Edit: A picture from the Sky News live coverage of Appold St. raid.

9:05am EDT: We’re hearing there has been another police raid on Appold St. I swear I will actually blog about the G20 summit instead of the protests at some point, but it’s lunchtime! Unless you want me to find out what they’re having and the seating chart. A plea from your blogger: I’ve already reported on Harper’s toilet troubles, don’t make me blog about lunch, too!

9:02am EDT: Oh, dear. From The Guardian’s blog: “I was held at the climate camp til midnight last night. When I arrived at 6pm to celebrate the creative sight of a camp in london’s grey financial streets, the police allowed me to walk straight into the camp with my bike. As the reports have said, the atmosphere was very warm and positive; school children and old time protesters sharing a space full of colour and music.

“Within an hour of arriving, those same police, who had stepped back and let me through, closed in around the camp and refused to let anyone in or out. I then watched the police push forward into the crowd with brutality that was not only shocking but utterly unecessary. All the protesters put their hands in the air and sat down collectively on the road. Yet as the crowd lowered I saw a young man stagger back with his head split open, another boy with a broken nose, a girl next to me had been kicked between the legs.”

You know how I feel about this, I love those crazy, peaceful hippies.

9:00am EDT: CNN just showed that guy I blogged about yesterday who was on the live feed, sitting in the middle of the protest eating a lovely lunch. I really feel at this point that CNN will show anything.

“The National Weather Service has issued a high alert across all of Georgia for severe weather.” Lovely!

8:57am EDT: From the BBC blog (link above): “The BBC’s Ben Brown says: There are 300-400 demonstrators in a cordon about quarter of a mile from the ExCel centre. They are quite noisy and quite colourful but very peaceful and very calm.”

8:53am EDT: Reporters on the scene say the protesters, what small amount have come back today, are chanting ‘Murderers!’ at the police. It seems like the protests have now become about yesterday’s death and the treatment by police rather than the G20.

8:52am EDT: If you want my opinion on these police raids (I’m sure you do), I think it’s a little ludicrous that they’re using the excuse that the protesters may have been plotting to disrupt things today, so this was precautionary. Haven’t they ever been young? We’ll sleep anywhere!

8:48am EDT: The Guardian is saying Stephen Harper WAS in the toilet. OMG, why am I even updating about this? Although, hilariously, the Saudi King Abdullah missed the second family photo, so we still don’t have a complete photo. Also, CNN is playing awesome music this morning, about the only thing they’re doing right.

8:46am EDT: Does anyone know if the Climate Camp is going to be participating in protests today? They were the most hilarious and my favorite part of yesterday’s coverage, until things went bad and police started to beat the peaceful hippies. But before that, it was awesome!

8:44am EDT: Everyone on Twitter thinks Stephen Harper was indeed in the toilet. Not only did he miss the picture, now everyone thinks he missed it due to his bowels. I actually feel sorry for him, for once.

8:36am EDT: Here’s a story about two women who superglued their hands to a RSB building in Plymouth yesterday and have just been released from custody.

I’m not sure if I’m just in a bad mood or they’re doing a horrible job, but I want to strangle the CNN anchors this morning.

8:33am EDT: I swear this is really on the BBC’s site: “Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s spokesman tells the BBC he wants to clarify that Harper was not in the bathroom during the first family photo.” Proof.

8:31am EDT: Just a quick recap – 86 protesters have been arrested, and now we can add about 80 people who are being detained from police in the raid on two locations about an hour ago. Besides that, there seem to be less protesters out today and no violence as of yet.

8:28am EDT: Obama is meeting with the Indian Prime Minister today as well as the Saudi King. I’m excited.

8:27am EDT: I hate the New York Times Weekender commercials.

Oh, actual news. Via The Guardian, the Met statement on the police raids just posted moments ago: “At 12:20 today, officers went to two addresses that police believe are being used as ‘squats’ by some of those people involved in the violent disorder yesterday. The address at Rampart Street, E1, has around 20 people inside it. They will be detained on suspicion of violent disorder but released immediately if they are not of interest to police. Officers are at the addresses acting on information about people wanted. The address at Earl Street, EC2, has about 60 people inside. Anyone inside will be dealt with as per Rampart Street. The Met will continue to investigate those who may be outstanding from the violence and disorder yesterday.”

8:24amEDT: Picture from the scene of where they’re honoring the protester who died yesterday. Apparently things are getting a little testy and protesters want an inquiry into how he died.

8:22am EDT: Stephen Harper missed the family photo.

8:17am EDT: If you’re looking for pictures from yesterday and today, click here for Flickr photos, probably where you’ll find the best photos. Make sure to sort them by ‘most recent.’

8:15am EDT: Sky News reporters are saying police have just raided two areas that protesters were believed to be squatting in, including a location on Rampart St. in East London.

8:14am EDT: The BBC posted this, and I don’t really understand it, but whatever: “The BBC’s Robert Peston blogs: The Special Drawing Rights increase is big stuff – and I haven’t properly explained the significance. The record $250bn increase in SDRs is shared between all IMF countries, broadly according to their size (on a quota basis). The increase boosts every country’s reserves and thus their liquidity. It’s particularly valuable for cash-strapped poorer countries or emerging economies. But it’s really the equivalent of creating money for all economies, including ours, or for the global economy.”

8:07am EDT: Sky News says about 50 mourners have gathered around the Bank of England to remember the protester who died last night. Here’s an article on the tribute.

8:02am EDT: Well, all we’re getting is the leaders are still in talks and really no new info. I hear they’re breaking for lunch soon. I wonder what they’ll be having, although I’m sure the menu is on the internet somewhere.

7:55am EDT: Update from Last Hours: “police are stop and searching people at Bank,” the RBS bank, that is.

7:53am EDT: Cuteness Alert! Watch Obama gush over Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva here.

7:43am EDT: Alright, I’m getting down to business and putting a new resource list at the top. I’m following a lot of the same sites and twitters from yesterday, but keep checking back to see if more have been added.

7:40am EDT: On how giving the Queen an iPod was a bad choice: “It could have been worse – it could have been a Snuggie.” Thank you, CNN anchor. Is CNN all I talk about? Look, I found the picture I was talking about:

Obama at the G20 Summit

7:31am EDT: CNN keeps showing a picture with the American, Italian, and Russian presidents all giving thumbs up, smiling, and hugging. New desktop?

7:30am EDT: I don’t know if you noticed, but I’m testing out putting updates at the top instead of the bottom today. Comment with which you prefer. It is too early to be cheeky right now.

7:27am EDT: CNN has just told me that 86 people were arrested yesterday.

7:25am EDT: Alright, starting another live blog because apparently I am trying to drive myself insane. Yesterday was all about the protests, but today that will probably be secondary. Maybe. Possibly. Who knows.

Edit: I have already lied to you. Apparently the protests have been slow so far and there have been more police than protesters, but Sky News claims the protests are heating up.

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