Live Post Part II: G20 Protests

Things are picking up again and the rest of the world is boring, so we’ve decided to start liveblogging once again.


  1. Guardian liveblog. | Picture gallery. | Timeline of events.
  2. Twitters in the area: 1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6. | 7. | Sky News.
  3. CNN live video. Edit: Live feed temporarily goes down at times, now back up.
  4. Sky News picture gallery.
  5. Flickr slideshow of protests.
  6. BBC News liveblog.
  7. Qik live stream.
  8. For the Londoners: traffic updates.
  9. Flickr stream from Gormski.
  10. Great video from user ‘raerth’ of the protests.

3:11pm EDT: Well, there’s a fire at Alliance and Leicester on Gracechurch St. Can’t confirm how big the fire is, but there is one. We also hear that the Climate Camp, the hippies with yummy food, are being blocked in by police. The entire day they’ve been incredibly peaceful, but apparently mood is turning sour there as well.

3:16pm EDT: Oh no, Paul Lewis says he’s watching people being chased over London Bridge right now. Or is he being chased? I’m not sure, but either way, stay safe Paul!

Great he just said “long night?” I am going to be blogging this forever.

3:21pm EDT: The last we heard from Last Hours, police dogs were being broughten out and there had been a lot of violence around Cornhill.

3:26pm EDT: CNN just teased us: “Why did the G20 protesters target the Royal Bank of Scotland? We’ll tell you after the break!” We know, Rick Sanchez.

3:34pm EDT: Following a new twitter (#5 up top), evanthiiia.

3:38pm EDT: As much as I berated it, I miss the crazy CNN live feed. I hope it comes back to me.

Oh God, they’re going to have an experimental “live chat” on CNN after the break. Scared.

3:42pm EDT: From raycashmore’s twitter: “Was locked in by the coppers outside the bank of England for the G20 protests for 3 hours. All I wanted was some photos. Serious.”

3:53pm EDT: CNN live feed is back! Showing lots of police standing around with no protesters in sight. It looks very dirty there. It looks they’re either bringing out riot gear or putting it up, which might explain why there is no one there.

3:55pm EDT: Okay Paul Lewis says 4 people at the Climate Camp have been arrested. That surprises me since it was so peaceful there all day. He says people want out.

4:00pm EDT: Well, despite the chaos in London, the Dow just closed up 145 points.

4:05pm EDT: Video from earlier, protesters storming RSB:

4:15pm EDT: BNO just posted this cute photo of all the leaders at their fancy G20 supper.

4:19pm EDT: CNN just did a segment of the “G20 Ladies’ Night” next door to the G20 dinner. J.K. Rowling is going to be there! I would have waited outside for hours to see her if I lived in London. I guess Obama, too, but mostly her.

4:23pm EDT: Damn! Take a look at the police’s new armored vehicles.

4:25pm EDT: Alright, we have several reports of police throwing missiles at the protesters now. I don’t really know what that means, but here’s a picture from the scene.

4:35pm EDT: I swear this is true – I clicked on a CNN live feed a moment ago called “Back on the block” and it showed a man who looked like Gob from Arrested Development dancing with a bikini clad girl on the beach, singing as the camera moved fluidly around them. On CNN.

Wait, apparently it was New Kids on the Block, but I have my doubts.

4:50pm EDT: Almost nothing coming out of the protests now. Is that a good sign or not?

4:57pm EDT: Video: Al Jazeera footage:

4:59pm EDT: Updated number of 32 arrested so far.

5:00pm EDT: Londonist article on the protests. I’m assuming the Londonist is the London equivalent of NYC’s Gothamist. My mind? Rocked.

5:04pm EDT: Did I post this already? Video from Sky News of protesters getting beat by police. Starts around 1:45 mark:

5:10pm EDT: Some guy on Hardball on MSNBC called protesters a “cappuccino group of anarchists.” May be true, but I don’t think they’ve seen the violence brewing in the last hour.

Oh, apparently this guy won a Peabody today. I still don’t like him.

5:16pm EDT: Paul updates! Campers have apparently taken a show-of-hands poll to see who wanted to stay and 60% or so said they wanted to. Mic is being passed around and all are calling for nonviolence.

5:21pm EDT: Bolivia just beat Argentina 5-1?!? ARGENTINA?!? In a World Cup qualifier?!? I am happy to report Germany won theirs.

5:26pm EDT: Chris Matthews: “Can you guess how many presidents Queen Elizabeth has met? Hmmm!” Ten. Now eleven. Every single news network has already asked this exact same thing.

5:31pm EDT: From Paul via Twitter: “Riot officer: “no-one sees us as human. I’ve got a daughter, a wife. Today’s been dangerous for me.” Sad 😦

5:36pm EDT: BREAKING: Reuters has said a protester has died, a man in his 30s. More info when it’s available.

5:54pm EDT: Paul says most of the Climate Camp have decided to go home. I don’t blame them.

5:57pm EDT: News wires say: “Police say man found dead in G-20 protest camp near Bank of England.” Still little to no information. It seems like he collapsed in the crowd. So awful.

6:07pm EDT: Following a new twitter, anonymoustom, #6 on the top.

6:20pm EDT: Article with almost no info on the man found dead, but it’s something.

6:24pm EDT: Here’s a great flickr set from Richard Johnson.

6:30pm EDT: Following yet another twitter, RedPepperMag (#7 on top), and am now wondering how many more I’ve missed despite following Twitter updates all day.

6:34pm EDT: I can’t help myself – J.K. Rowling Arriving at G20 Dinner.

6:45pm EDT: Well this is handy: BBC News has a live map of where the protesters are.

6:58pm EDT: We’re getting some updated numbers via BBC News. 63 have now been arrested during the protests.

7:01pm EDT: Alright, we’re signing off for the night. I’ll update anything important in tonight’s nightly edition, which will be posted around 10:30. Check back tomorrow when I suspect we’ll have another live blog filled with me cursing CNN and obsessively checking Twitter.


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3 responses to “Live Post Part II: G20 Protests

  1. Kurt

    It was all environmental protesters near London Wall, I think. I walked right through an enclave of them last night walking home, and they were too stoned to care. They weren’t out yet when I went into work earlier – guessing the same for today.

    Ya, I just looked at that interactive map, and it’s right by the “Climate Camp” near Wormwood/Bevis Marks (that road has seven unique names in a 500m stretch, no kidding). Bunch of tent city vegans, guess the crazies were elsewhere.

  2. citizensdailybrief

    Thanks for the info, Kurt!

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