Live Post: G20 Protests

The G20 protests have turned violent, here are some resources to get you the most information as it happens:

  1. Guardian liveblog. | Picture gallery. | Timeline of events.
  2. Twitters in the area: 1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | Sky News.
  3. CNN live video. Edit: Live feed temporarily goes down at times, now back up.
  4. Sky News picture gallery.
  5. Flickr slideshow of protests.
  6. BBC News liveblog.
  7. Qik live stream.
  8. For the Londoners: traffic updates.
  9. Flickr stream from Gormski.
  10. Great video from user ‘raerth’ of the protests.


9:06am EDT: What we know – protests have turned violent and the RBS on High St. has been damaged heavily by protesters.

9:17am EDT: There are reports of a small fire in the Royal Bank of Scotland, but cannot be confirmed.

Unfortunately TwitPic is down, I’ll post when it’s back up because it has some great pictures from the protest.

9:23am EDT: BBC News: G20 ‘must give money to Africa.’

9:26am EDT: Twitterers on the scene are saying police will not let anyone leave, causing much unrest.

9:33am EDT: BNO says a helicopter has crashed in the North Sea and 16 may be dead. Not a good day.

9:36am EDT: Article on the RBS vandalism.

9:43am EDT: Spotted: ‘Climate Camp’ part of the protesters, apparently are giving out free organic food and having a good time. I’m jealous. Edit: Youtube video of the Climate Camp.

9:46am EDT: We hear there is a large group outside the U.S. Embassy and lots of police, but no signs of violence.

9:50am EDT: Award for best G20 coverage: The Guardian.

9:53am EDT: Video from the scene.

9:57am EDT: Oh great, Kentucky has hired John Calipari for $30 million … UGA basketball just got even more scared.

CNN is doing a segment on how Twitter is reporting the G20 protests and how they are getting news first. I’m glad they recognize they’re becoming secondary.

10:04am EDT: Ted Koppel To Contribute to BBC World News During G20 … I just got way too excited.

10:09am EDT: CNN live feed shows a man sitting on the ground eating a lovely lunch. It sort of looks more like Bonnaroo than a protest on their feed.

10:14am EDT: The number of protesters arrested so far seems to stand at 23. I’m assuming this includes the 11 earlier today who were arrested for having fake police uniforms.

10:17am EDT: I recommend the Qik livestream over the CNN one, unless you like to see people standing around eating sandwiches.

10:18am EDT: Reports that the crowd is beginning to stir on Queen Victoria St. outside the HSBC, can’t confirm yet.

The Telegraph is now reporting this as well.

10:26am EDT: Rowenna_Davis, who is there, says: “Police say they are going to search and take details of every protester left inside the ring. Many won’t get out until midnight.”

10:28am EDT: CNN feed now showing people dancing in the streets in the sunshine and having fun. Suspicions confirmed this is really live feed of a music festival. Edit: just switched to people marching! It’s been two hours, but they finally show something worthwhile.

10:38am EDT: CNN camera just panned away from protesters marching in Trafalgar Square to follow a trio of Hasidic Jews walking down the street. I probably would have done the same thing.

Picture: G20 Mounted Police Outside RBS.

10:43am EDT: Police have arrived on the scene, but they are laying low as the protest seems to be pretty peaceful. Protesters are just listening to someone on a megaphone and cheering.

One feed on CNN said they were showing footage of live protests, turned out be Anderson Cooper talking. Pleasantly surprised. He just said the words “clotted cream” so I had to change it.

10:48am EDT: Crowd now singing “Happy Birthday.” Who’s birthday is it?!!? I have to know. Uh oh, feed switched in the middle of singing to a more tenuous looking protest.

Edit: Just old footage from RBS being attacked. And Sky News answered my question = it is Tony Benn’s birthday.

10:55am EDT: We must not be getting any of these feeds live because I have not seen one naked person yet.

11:00 am EDT: Turning on The View because I hate myself. If you couldn’t tell, reports are scant right now.

Edit: OMG Whoopi Goldberg says she’s flying to London tonight. I think she is seriously going to the summit.

11:06am EDT: Favorite tweet so far, via Alex Wood: “Anarchists queue in an orderly line for the toilet.”

11:10am EDT: From all reports at the moment, the atmosphere is relatively calm.

11:30am EDT: Alright, we’ll come back if anything big happens, but most on the ground are saying crowds are dispersing. Thanks for reading!

Edit: Just kidding! Got this tweet from Paul Lewis: “Here, at least, it really does seem like pumped police looking for a fight. Protesters trying to sit down on road getting pounded.” I’m intrigued.

11:37am EDT: Video: Protesters can’t get out.

11:43am EDT: Some of the best twitpics from #G20.

Paul updates his twiter (link above) from Queen Victoria St: heavy violence. “I’ve just seen a girl unconscious being carried away, her whole face drenched in blood. This obv whipping up real anger.”

11:51am EDT: On video: “Ashton Kutcher gets waxed.” Ugh, thanks CNN. On the plus side, Anderson Cooper is in London, so heads up all you Londoners. Now CNN has switched the live feed to Madoff’s boat getting siezed. I’m a bit annoyed with them today.

Sky News is saying the violence where protesters have been badly hurt is around the HSBC area around the Bank of England. Oh, they’re ending their live blog just as it was getting good. They’ll be back tomorow at 6:50am, London time, and I recommend it – great Twitter coverage.

12:00pm EDT: Following a new twitter (#4 on the list), Last Hours, who says: “Someone arrested on bishopsgate for swearing(!)”

12:07pm EDT: Well color me confused. CNN is reporting live from around the Bank of England and it looks calm as can be. Perhaps they’re reporting around the Climate Camp?

Ooh! The live feed is still on after the report finished and someone came up to the reporter and said they’re a friend of the 11 arrested earlier and they have been charged and are still being processed.

12:12pm EDT: CNN feed showing BEAUTIFUL shots of Buckingham Palace. With not a single person in sight. They must be gearing up for Obama’s arrival. Seriously, the birds are chirping and the sun is shining, this is the most chill live feed ever.

“CONFIKER WILL EAT YOUR COMPUTER!!@!!!” says CNN. No, they literally just said that.

12:21pm EDT: It sounds like things have quieted down again. Obama has just arrived at Buckingham Palace. Michelle looks perfect.

12:30pm EDT: Since there’s little news coming from London now, the Senate is holding a hearing on Pakistan/Afghanistan right now, televised on CSPAN2. Worth watching for my former boss, Sen. Carl Levin, being all badass. General Petraeus is in front of the Senate currently.

12:32pm EDT: From Last Hour’s twitter: “Confrontation on left corner of Bank of England. No batons yet but stand off.”

12:37pm EDT: Someone calling from London to CNN just clarified locations for me: there are two protests around the Bank of England, one more violent that we’re hearing bad reports from, and the Climate Camp where they’re dancing around, hanging out in tents, and sharing organic food.

Rare dolphins found off the coast of Bangledesh? Pics or it didn’t happen.

12:42pm EDT: New Six Flags commercial on tv with that old guy who dances, but this time he is talking instead of dancing. I’m scared.

Edit: Prepare to hate me. This is not the talking commercial, fyi.

12:49pm EDT: Back to trying to be useful. We’re getting reports that police are not letting protesters leave the area and crowds are getting restless and angry.

12:56pm EDT: Just added a link up top for some videos from the protest sent in by Matt Field. Check it out.

1:14pm EDT: I think I would be very good at twittering live from a scene, but I don’t think anything news-worthy will happen in Athens, GA anytime soon. Although Newt Gingrich is speaking here next week, so keep your fingers crossed. Maybe I will twitter it just to amuse myself.

An iReporter is talking on CNN about how much fun he’s having, playing cards and listening to music.

1:18pm EDT: Last Hours says a person has been arrested on Lombard St. and people are chanting “Let us out!” on Cornhill.

1:23pm EDT: Just wanted to let you guys knows The Guardian is updating their picture gallery frequently and have some great pictures. Link at the top.

1:32pm EDT: I’m bored and watching CSPAN2 to pass the time was not a good idea. RAAAGEEE. I suspect most protesters will be going home soon (if the police will let them), but there were a lot of tents there, so who knows. I’ve also just realized I made it so the updates are on the bottom of the page instead of the top. Whoops.

1:35pm EDT: From Last Hours: “Police charge crowd at bank place.”

1:44pm EDT: Run fast to CNN live feed! They have another serene shot of Buckingham Palace. It’s like being at a spa. Can you just go lie in the green grass there like on the mall in D.C.? That’s what I would do everyday.

1:49pm EDT: Party at the Queen’s! Obama, Michelle, Sarkozy, Hillary with a new haircut!, Merkel all in attendance. Obama is talking about Chicago. Is that all he talks about? The Queen has very tiny hands.

OMG PRINCE CHARLES AND CAMILLA. Why did I just get excited about that? CNN is like ‘eff this’ and goes back to landscape shot. Wait, what was this liveblog about it again?

1:59pm EDT: Okay, now I’m really stopping. Police seem to be letting protesters leave and little is happening. Tomorrow we’ll likely have another live blog of events, check our twitter for updates.


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