Netanyahu to be Sworn in as Israeli Prime Minister

Benjamin Netanyahu expected to be sworn in as Israel’s prime minister today. Since the national elections on February 10, Netanyahu has pulled together a coalition government comprised of far right groups and labor groups, among others. Netanyahu, who was Prime Minister from 1996 to 1999, was previously opposed to a two-state solution to its conflict with Palestine but has recently been vague on his current attitude leaving open the possibility of engaging in talks with Palestine, Reuters.

Ahead of G20 summit, the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) issues report on global economic forecast predicting growth will fall 4.3% in its 30 member nations in 2009, CBC News.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton meets with countries neighboring Afghanistan at a conference on Afghanistan at the Hague today. In a reversal of Bush administration policy, the Obama administration intends to reach out to moderate members of the Taliban to bring them into a unity government. Though no formal meeting is scheduled, Secretary Clinton left open the possibility of talks with representatives from Iran who will also attend the conference, CNN.

British troops begin withdrawal from Iraq. Under a deal with the Iraqi government Britain plans withdraw most of its 4,000 troops by May 31, BBC News.

At least one boat and possibly two boats have shipwrecked off the coast of Libya in the past two days. At least 21 people have died and over 200 are feared missing. It is believed that the boats were not within swimming distance to the shore and were not equipped with any life saving equipment. Three boats from Libya carrying hundreds of illegal migrant workers headed to Italy shipwrecked when they encountered stormy weather and high winds, The New York Times.

BREAKING NEWS: The Sun-Times, owner of the Chicago Sun-Times files for bankruptcy. The Sun-Times is the oldest newspaper in Chicago, BNO.

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