Live Post: Lahore Terror Attacks

Follow the attacks on the Pakistan police academy here.

7:44am EST: Just wanted to add one thing. I’ve been watching CNN for 2 hours and checking their site constantly: not a single mention of the Lahore attacks. Both MSNBC and Fox News are covering the story, but CNN? It’s not even on the front page:

CNN Doesn't Report Lahore

7:19am EST: Well, we’re signing off. We’ll update the situation in the morning edition in a few hours. Thanks to kursed on Twitter for phenomenal reporting.

7:14am EST: There are unconfirmed reports that the first terrorist arrested hours ago had a passport from Afghanistan.

7:11am EST: No confirmed reports of how many deceased, it will probably be awhile before we have a correct number. There are definitely no more hostages.

7:09am EST: Video of police celebrating:

7:06am EST: CNN and MSNBC in America still have no coverage of the attacks. That’s shocking to me after the Mumbai footage. Malik just got done talking to IBN Live, offered no new info except confirmed 4 terrorists dead.

7:00am EST: Reuters India is reporting 4 terrorists dead, 3 arrested. IBN says 4 dead. Confused.

6:57am EST: To summarize the reports so far: 6 terrorists arrested, 4 dead, 29 police dead, there were 800 hostages. These numbers are very likely to change.

6:55am EST: INewsroom reports: “LAHORE, Pakistan (AP) — Official says Pakistan security forces conclude operation at police academy, nab 6 gunmen [APNewsAlert]”

6:52am EST: A news conference confirms 29 dead. Malik on INB says only 1 terrorist confirmed captured, the man who threw a grenade at police earlier.

6:48am EST: It looks like Sky News and I are both following IBN’s coverage. Still no confirmation if the terrorists are alive or if the killed themselves before capture.

6:44am EST: Breaking via kursed: “kursed: It’s being reported that terrorists ‘did not’ surrender to Pakistani security forces. They’ve blown themselves up.” Conflicting reports from Pakistani media. IBN still says the terrorists were arrested.

6:42am EST: IBN says 20 dead, 150 injured, 7-10 terrorists were held up. They expect the numbers to change.

6:38am EST: IBN footage shows police storming the building. They’re carefully checking every single room right now. At least one terrorist was shot dead.

6:37am EST: I am so impressed with Pakistani police, not only to end the siege, but to have captured some of the terrorists.

6:33am EST: IBN Live showing live footage, it looks like reports are correct. They confirm the siege is over. UPDATE: Haven’t confirmed, they’re being cautious.

IBN says there were 800 hostages during the attack.

6:32am EST: BNO Update: “Dawn News says Pakistani forces either overpowered the terrorists inside or they surrendered. Information still preliminary.”

6:30am EST: UPDATE FROM BNO: “BULLETIN — CELEBRATIONS AT PAKISTANI POLICE TRAINING SCHOOL; SIEGE APPEARS OVER.” Kursed has confirmed celebrations, says police have taken terrorists alive.

We heard this early in the Mumbai attacks, so I’ll stick with it until we are 100% sure.

6:27am EST: The AP has confirmed that 4 attackers have been killed total, at least 35 held hostage. We’re getting reports of up to 1500 held hostage… it’s so hard to know for sure.

6:24am EST: The Lahore Twitter says: “Huge explosions in police academy: LAHROE: Three huge explosions occurred inside besieged Lahore police training..” but I’m not sure if this in an old report of not, I’ll look into it.

6:22am EST: CNNSaeed says: “Rehman Malik to CNN’s Reza Sayah about #Lahore police center attack: 4 suspects killed. 1 captured. He’s between 20-22 and speaks Pashtun”

6:20am EST: Geo TV reports at least 25 terrorists still inside the police academy.

6:18am EST: Al Jazeera English is saying they believe at least 50 have been killed. We’ve been hearing reports as high as 60 and as low as 20.

6:15am EST: Heavy firing again at the center, says Saad (kursed). It had been relatively calm for the last 45 minutes or so.

Thanks for the hits so far, hope we’re being at least a little helpful.

6:14am EST: Al Jazeera report on Lahore:

6:09am EST: IBN is indicating that Pakistan had information prior to the attack that it was likely to be attacked. Just speculation at this point.

kursed updates with: “One of the news channels is reporting that one ‘injured’ terrorist has managed to escape the scene.”

6:07am EST: IBN Live has a live stream up of their telecast. Registration required to view. I’ll post any updates they give, and all you tweeters please retweet.

6:02am EST: Sky News: Police Officer Says “The Attackers Fired At Anything Which Moved.”

5:58am EST: IBN Live is reporting 800 hostages.

Update: Also reporting “Two attackers shot dead while two arrested along with weapons and ammunition.”

5:56am EST: Short news video, but might have some new footage:

5:55am EST: From kursed: “Police is trying to engage the terrorists holed up inside the main building, in order to know their demands.”

5:52am EST: From BBC News: Eyewitness: ‘I saw the attackers.’ Witness says the attackers “looked young and in good health to me. I would say that they looked Punjabi to me.”

5:48am EST: Interesting report from the Kansas City Star: Recent attacks executed in or linked to Pakistan.

Malik sees Mumbai resemblance in Lahore attack.

5:46am EST: We got an explanation from kursed: “It’s been 30 minutes that firing has died down, inside and out the building. Things might just have been brought back under control.”

5:42am EST: Very little updates in the last 10 minutes. No action or are the news agencies actually adhering to the police’s request not to report during a live operation?

5:33am EST: India condemns Lahore attack. You know, speaking of India, I’m a little disappointed with the coverage of this in the U.S. after the amazing coverage we had of the Mumbai attacks.

5:31am EST: Footage from Lahore attacks, Gunfire heard in background:

5:27am EST: Picture: Fire in Lahore.

5:24am EST: Saad (kursed) now reporting: “2 attackers have blown themselves up, inside the building.”

5:20am EST: Video: Camera man and the Compare almost got shot in the Lahore Police Training Center Attacks:

5:17am EST: ‘kursed,’ who is on the scene and giving some great updates, reports: “60 personnel of FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) trainees have been rescued from the police training center.”

5:14am EST: Gun Battle At Pakistan Police Academy: 20 dead – Video & Pictures (HQ):

Footage of Arrested Suspect:

5:11am EST: We are getting A LOT of different numbers on how many have been killed. Take all numbers with a grain of salt until the operation is over. There is confirmation that a suspect has been arrested by many respectable news agencies.

5:08am EST: In a related story, Obama will not put troops in Pakistan. Will that now change? Comment at the bottom of the page.

5:04am EST: The Telegraph is reporting 60 feared dead in Lahore.

5:02am EST: Great article from Sky News. A lot of speculation, but says at least 10 terrorists believed to still be in the center. A Sky News reporter said: “there were around 850 police officers at the academy at the time of the attack and around 400 are still inside, unable to get out.”

4:59am EST: Video: Footage coming from Lahore.

4:56am EST: User ‘kursed’ on Twitter, who has been updating from the scene, explains the slowing down of reports from Lahore: “Sorry for the lack of updates people, media has been stopped from conducting live coverage of the on going operation.” His Twitter.

4:54am EST: An injured policeman told reporters that 15-20 gunman stormed the center at 7:20am, setting off 8 grenades. The policemen were unarmed. Story here.

4:52am EST: SAMAA News reports one terrorist has been arrested. The suspect was trying to distract police with grenades. Story here.

4:50am EST: According to Twitter reports: “SMS heavy cross firing, 20 blasts heard so far – Curfew imposed in Manawa, Jallo, Mughalpura, other surrounding areas”

4:47am EST: It’s almost 5am in America and the attacks on a Pakistan police school are still going. Updates reports say 26 dead, 90 injured, and police are in a standoff with the terrorists.


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