Four Cops Killed in California

Four police officers were killed in Oakland yesterday by a lone gunman, who ultimately was killed by SWAT officers in a shootout. The suspect had been stopped for a traffic violation, CNN. Correction: As of 7pm EST, the fourth officer is still on life support, according to the Oakland PD.

In Naples, more than 100,000 people marched on Saturday to protest the mafia. The march was led by relatives of victims that were killed by the gangs. The country’s four biggest mafia organizations account for much of Italy’s economy and last year, the group ‘Ndrangheta made 45 billion Euros, Sky News.

The Chinese have arrested six people and detained 89 others who attacked a police station in a Tibetan region of northwest China. Reports vary, as journalists are barred from the region, NY Times.

And the #1 World News Story: More Than 1,100 Civilians Escape Sri Lanka War Zone.

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